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  1. Intro (1:31)
  2. I'll Find My Way Home (5:47)
  3. Wonderous Stories (3:47)
  4. Charlie Brown Theme (1:47)
  5. Children of Light (3:53)
  6. Time and a Word/Soon (4:37)
  7. Owner of a Lonely Heart (7:50)
  8. Longwalker Speaks (6:52)
  9. Change We Must (9:08)
  10. Time Has Come (4:07)
  11. One More Time (7:16)
  12. And You And I (6:48)
  13. State of Independence (6:02)
  14. Revealing Science of God (Intro) (1:37)
  15. I've Seen All Good People (6:49)

In 1996 Jon Anderson and a group of musicians took to the stage in a beautiful Calafornian winery to perform a unique set of YES, Jon and Vangelis, and solo songs. Jon's recollections of the show form the basis of his liner notes, and are accompanied by colour pictures.

The show wasn't recorded officially, but thanks to hours of tireless investigative work, recordings were found in private hands. These are not the terrible sounding recordings which appear on Ebay ! The quality of this recording can be compared to FM broadcasts.